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What is hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy helps with emotional, psychological and habit problems


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis has many definitions. Perhaps the simplest one is that hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which the subconscious mind plays the dominant role. The subconscious mind is that part of our mind that holds our long-term memories, our habits, and our emotions. Everything we have ever thought, felt, tasted, smelled, seen, heard, read, or fantasized is recorded in our subconscious mind. The seat of our habits and the steering wheel of our behaviours lie within the subconscious mind.



uses hypnosis to help a person achieve a desired change, whatever that may be. For some it is to lose weight. For others it may be to stop smoking, enhance sports performance, enhance self-esteem or memory and concentration. Others use hypnosis to lessen or eliminate pain. Whatever it is used for, the process is much the same. When the person is in that “altered state of consciousness” it opens the window to their subconscious mind, and the hypnotherapist can then speak to that subconscious mind, giving it the suggestions that are needed to effect the desired change. If a person really wants the stated or suggested change, his or her subconscious mind accepts the suggestions for changed attitude, perception, or behaviour and the desired change comes about.

For some problems hypnosis is used to find the original cause or sensitising event using age regression. Usually emotionally damaging inappropriate patterns of behaviour and mistaken beliefs are formed when we are children. We respond to emotional conflicts and upsetting events by creating anxieties, phobias and other symptoms as a way to avoid more pain. These then reside in the unconscious mind. When the cause is discovered, therapist and client work together to resolve the problem.

Hypnosis is not sleep. The brain waves in sleep and the brain waves in hypnosis are quite different. When you are hypnotized, you can be perfectly aware of your surroundings. Neither is hypnosis mind control. In hypnosis you do retain your will; you have the power to reject a suggestion given in hypnosis, either by ignoring it, or by coming out of the hypnotic state.

Many people who are hypnotized will deny that they were hypnotized because they did not feel anything dramatic. They expect to be asleep or unconscious, when in fact, people who are hypnotized simply feel physically, mentally, and emotionally relaxed. They are alert and aware. They hear what is going on around them and remember everything that was said.


Hypnosis enables a person to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind and achieve the attitudinal or behavioural modifications that are desired. It is relaxing, enjoyable, and effective.

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What is hypnotherapy?

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