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Hypnotherapy with children

Hypnotherapy has proved to be very successful in treating children for both emotional and physical symptoms. Children use their imagination all the time, which usually makes them very open to hypnotherapy. They are far better than most adults at hypnotherapy, finding the state of hypnosis very natural and fun. The methods I use with younger children will seem like stories, or games, or visualisations in which they use their imagination to resolve their worries and anxieties. With older children, especially teenagers, I adjust the method to suit the maturity of the individual.

There are many fears that can worry a child: for example, fear of the dark, spiders etc, or nightmares. Some children have habits they can't break, like nail biting or bedwetting. A new baby or some other change in the family, for example a break up in parental relationship, or problems between the parents can be upsetting and lead to anxiety, and problem behaviours.

Here are some of the problems that can be helped with hypnotherapy:

bed wetting

sleep problems

lack of confidence

anxiety and panic attacks

problems at school

low self esteem


eating disorders

behavioural problems



fears or phobias..........and many more.

It is important to know that all children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult when attending a hypnotherapy consultation. I will want to know the parents' or guardian's view of what the problem is, as well as the child's. We may discuss this beforehand on the phone, if appropriate. While talking to the child, I will be working out the best approach to solve the problem. Whether or not you stay during the hypnotherapy session is something we need to discuss. A younger child might need the parent’s support, while an older child or teenager might feel inhibited by a parent’s presence.


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