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Nailbiting, Blushing and other habits: Christine Key Surrey Hypnotherapist BA MSPCAH DHP Registered and Accredited Hypnotherapist

Gambling, smoking, alcohol, nailbiting, blushing...........Change Unwanted Habits

Habits are usually just a form of negative learning, a behavioural pattern you have adopted at some time in your life. If that pattern is broken then the habit is much easier to stop. Your belief system tells you that a habit such as nail biting is incredibly difficult to stop, but with hypnotherapy, you will be amazed at just how easy it can actually be.

Hypnotherapy can be used to break undesirable behavioural patterns -habits such as nail biting, hair pulling (Trichotillomania), cheek chewing, finger/thumb sucking, stammering, other nervous habits. Habits are usually caused by some level of inner anxiety which needs to be resolved for the habit to disappear. There are many common habits that Christine is asked to help with and the majority of them respond well to hypnotherapy.

Nail biting and other habits can be successfully treated using either suggestion therapy, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) or hypno-analysis, depending upon the severity of the habit . Deeper rooted habits such as a stammer will usually require a course of hypno-analysis.

Blushing is something which can be changed. It usually responds well to suggestion therapy. However, it can be linked to emotions which are very much deeper down in the subconscious mind. More acute blushing responds particularly well to hypnoanalysis. Long lasting and regular anxieties need to be addressed rather than just being prevented from happening again.

Blushing is a natural reaction to some situations and circumstances that occur from time to time in your life. So Christine will help you to be more relaxed if you do occasionally blush for a perfectly good reason, and to ensure that the cause of the inappropriate, annoying and possibly embarrassing blushing is removed effectively.

Many people who stammer are surprised to discover that the stammer disappears under hypnosis. This shows them that an important part of the answer lies in relaxation and breathing. There are often emotional causes at the root of the habit, too, and Christine will use hypno-analysis to look for and work with the causes.

Smoking, excess alcohol consumption, gambling are other examples of habits which Christine has successfully worked with. If you have a habit you want to change, phone or email for a free initial consultation, so that you can discuss with Christine how you can break this habit pattern and stop the habit.


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