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Golf, tennis and other performance help with Sports Psychology, Sports Hypnosis, and Motivation.

There is a long history of hypnosis in sport. Sports performance can be increased dramatically in many areas: speed, concentration, strength and style-correction, as well as overcoming mental blocks, and reinforcing self-belief and motivation. Most champions use some form of hypnosis - visualisation or affirmation - and many seek the help of a professional hypnotist or sports psychologist to assist in their mental training.

Sports hypnotists differ from psychologists because they work directly with the subconscious part of the brain ,which controls our behaviours, so change with hypnosis is often rapid.

Visualisation techniques can be used in preparation for a specific event or for general training. Most of these techniques are carried out by getting you to relax. Then the specific actions that are being are sought are mentally rehearsed. During these visualisation sessions, your body makes tiny movements of the muscles required for that action. This has the effect of training the memory of the muscles to perform the action perfectly.

It is well-known that sports men and women often incorporate imagery and mental rehearsal into their practice routines. What is less well known is how effective hypnosis can be in this process. When hypnotised you will be able to imagine yourself rehearsing and refining the perfect swing, the perfect goal or running the perfect race.

There are many other ways that hypnosis can help in sports improvement. For instance, the NLP concept of modelling is used very successfully in golf and other sports. Under hypnosis you picture a top golfer and model what he or she does both physically and mentally.

Anchoring states is an NLP technique using hypnosis to recall a time of sporting excellence such as winning a race, scoring a goal or playing the perfect round of golf (this can be real or imagined.) At the moment that these feelings of success reach their peak, the emotion is anchored, helping to create what is sometimes known as muscle memory.

Most sportspeople have experienced times when they are 'on top of their game' or 'in the zone'. This has been described as the Flow State. It is almost as if time seems to slow down, and you become more balanced and able to perform superbly.

Christine has used these techniques successfully with an Olympic gold medalist, golfers, marathon runners and tennis players.

Hypnosis can help to improve motivation and performance in all areas of life as well as sports, including music, drama, exams, driving tests, presentations and public speaking.


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