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How Hypnotherapy can help you with Fertility

If you are trying for a baby, one of the biggest obstacles to success is Stress.

When couples decide to start a family, about 80% are successful in the first year. That means that 20% of couples are disappointed month by month, and can become stressed when nothing happens.

The anxiety and stress which builds up can affect your whole body, including your reproductive system. Stress hormones can suppress ovulation, sexual activity and sperm count, and can actually add to the problem by interfering with the normal functions of the reproductive system at many levels. Depression in particular can lead to the release of unviable immature eggs.

In addition, all kinds of negative thinking and subconscious blocks might be preventing you from a successful pregnancy. These are as varied and individual as each client, but range from fears relating to childbirth and parenthood to unconscious thoughts based on your previous negative life experience.

How hypnotherapy can help.

Studies have shown that hypnotherapy increases natural conception by 50%. Hypnotherapy can also help you to feel more in control of your life, and if you are going down the medical pathway, can help to make your treatment more effective. For example evidence from Israel, USA and Australia has shown that hypnosis can double the success rate of IVF.

Counselling and hypnosis in your first sessions will focus on various sources of stress that you have told me about. These may be lifestyle stresses at work or elsewhere in your life, or your specific anxieties about conception. In the early sessions I would offer you hypnosis to relax you, reduce your stresses, and help you to believe that natural conception can happen. I will give you a CD to use at home to help you to remain relaxed and positive.

When you have seen a infertility specialist you may have a number of tests and treatments. The specialist will explain each one, but I can help you to understand more fully what each test or treatment entails, what the experience will be like for you, and use relaxation with mental rehearsal to help you to prepare and be calm.


Hypnotherapy can combat negative thinking and subconscious blocks

You may have fears, phobias or subconscious blocks which may be affecting your treatment, for example a needle phobia or an anxiety about childbirth. Working together on negative self talk and subconscious blocks may make further medical intervention unnecessary. Remember, 90% of women will conceive within two years, and relaxation is a vital key.

If you go on to IVF, hypnosis can be very effectively used to support each part of the procedure. Relaxation and anxiety management will help during the injection and egg retrieval processes, and suggestion and visualisation will help you to prepare your body and mind for the embryo transfer . Remember, hypnosis doubles the IVF rate of success.

Hypnotherapy cannot guarantee that you will be successful, but it can increase and maximise the chances.The hypnotherapist can work alongside conventional fertility treatments to help to make them more effective.


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