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Weight Control help with hypnosis

Diets don't work.

If you are reading this you probably already have experienced many different diets and know that diets just don't work: they don't produce a permanent change. Crash diets (this includes living only on lettuce leaves and salads!) are dangerous and do not achieve sustainable weight reduction, because you actually send the body into “starvation” mode. Your mind and body come to believe you are short of food, in starvation, and slow down your metabolism. Fat is then more easily stored.

Our ancestors had to endure many famines throughout the ages, so we are genetically programmed to conserve the maximum amount of stored energy (fat) at such times since we cannot know how long the shortage of food will last. It is therefore essential to understand that steady weight loss is achieved by ensuring that we eat a plentiful, balanced, and nutritious diet whilst reducing our calorie intake and increasing our physical activity. Then our bodies will agree that it is “safe” to relinquish some of the extra weight we are carrying around as there is no sign of a food shortage

Diets encourage short term thinking

"When I reach my goal weight I can enjoy myself again, eat as I used to." Or even - "I've been good this week so I'll have a chocolate bar as a reward."

It is important to appreciate that you are going to make changes that must be acceptable to you for the rest of your life, or for as long as you wish to remain at your healthy weight. You are going to change the way you perceive food permanently. There is no short term answer or quick fix. But that doesn't mean it is difficult.

Diets don’t work

because they all fail to address and resolve the underlying causes of overeating which are often linked to emotional issues such as depression, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, boredom, stress and anxiety.

Those with weight problems have often lost touch with the natural mechanism which tells them when they are hungry. Their eating habits depend on emotional or environmental factors rather than on whether they physically need food. The way to change your body weight is to eat and exercise healthily. But if you have ever received emotional benefit from your eating habits, it may be difficult to do this.

How hypnotherapy can help

The aim of hypnotherapy is to help you to identify any underlying emotional needs or habits that affect your eating patterns or your relationship with food. Using powerful and advanced hypnotic techniques Christine will help you to identify the underlying causes of overeating, and take control.

Once the psychological blocks are overcome, visualisation exercises coupled with positive suggestion will help you to eat all foods in moderation and refocus your body's natural internal weight control mechanism. Hypnotherapy will reinforce the lifestyle changes you have chosen in consultation with Christine. The excess weight will just disappear naturally.

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