Confidence and Self-esteem

Lack of confidence

can manifest itself in many different ways. It may cause self-consciousness and blushing, feelings of inferiority, stage fright, driving test or exam nerves, or fear of failure. When you are in a situation that you are unsure of - having to perform in front of an audience, or simply talking to others - you are experiencing a fair amount of stress.

Confident people are usually able to face these situations; but many of us will feel the need to run away or avoid the situation. For most people with low self esteem these situations present an opportunity for them to make fools out of themselves.

Suffering from low self-esteem or low self-worth

can be one of the most inhibiting things you have to put up with in your life. It can cause you to be shy or to dislike meeting people or going to places you are unsure of. It can affect the way you feel about yourself and stop you achieving in both your relationships and career. It can affect your social and financial standing, and is demoralising and can easily link to depression. Lack of confidence and low self-esteem can be at the root of feelings of insecurity and relationship problems

Much of our confidence level is formed in our childhood

As children we believe everything an adult says, and we also experience a much higher level of emotion than when we are adults. So if in your early years at school you had a teacher who called you stupid (and he may have said it because he thought you were, or more likely because he was tired or under pressure and releasing some of his frustration) as a child you wouldn’t have had the emotional maturity to question this statement.

This would have been absorbed into your belief system, and although as you grew older you would have forgotten this and many incidents like it, it would still be there. All this negative information is stored in the unconscious mind, and you have no conscious control over it.

Relationship Problems

can be complex and stem from a variety of causes. Discussion with Christine will help you to explore the current problems in the relationship and clarify the changes you want to make. NLP and hypnotherapy can then be used to help you to bring about your desired outcomes.

Sexual problems

are often the result of underlying emotional issues which hypno-analysis can address.

Hypnotherapy can help you.

For your driving test or exams one or two sessions with Christine using a combination of hypnotherapy, visualisation and NLP, will help you to perform with confidence.

For more deep-seated confidence problems, and insecurity, Christine will use hypno-analysis to search out the cause of the negative beliefs stored in your unconscious mind and help you to replace them with positive self-esteem.


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