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Stress and Tension

The stress response is a completely natural response which we share with all mammals. It evolved to enable us to deal with life-threatening dangers or stressors such as being confronted with a wild animal or perhaps a hostile human. Situations like this required action – the activation of the stress response to enable us either to stay and fight or to run away.

Today we don’t have to face the dangers our ancestors faced, but the stress response to demanding situations is still with us and our mind and body still prepare for fight or flight when confronted with this equivalent of the wild animal. This is where the problem may begin, as activation of the fight or flight response with no physical outlet, such as if we are stuck in a traffic jam, or maybe a confrontation in the workplace. Perhaps both of these events and more are experienced every day, and the stress builds within us until it can damage our health if a solution is not found.

The stressor can be external, some event or situation that is causing stress, or internal, attitudes or emotions that lead to stress. Your body will slow down systems not vital in responding to the stressor, such as the digestive system, which is why you may have a dry mouth and a nervous/upset stomach. Increased levels of adrenaline increase heart rate and blood flow which in turn brings extra oxygen and glucose to your muscles. If the stress is caused by something you can't fight or avoid your body remains stuck in this state.

Prolonged stress can cause stomach and intestine problems like IBS. The extra sugar and fat in the bloodstream can cause high cholesterol and heart problems. Blood pressure can be raised.People who are stressed often have cold hands and feet Their immune systems are affected, so they suffer from more colds and other infections.

How Hypnotherapy can help you

Understanding your stress and discussing with Christine how you can manage the situations which cause you stress is the first step. Hypnosis then allows you to enter a state of deep relaxation which in itself is a very useful therapy for combating stress. It helps you to become calm and focused. Hypnotherapy therefore provides relaxation and is useful at even this basic level, as a kind of first aid. Some suggestion and visualisation may be used to address your stressful situations.

Relaxation and positive stress management techniques can be learned. Knowing how to relax is invaluable in the lead-up to your driving test or exams, and on the day itself. Passing your driving test is often about confidence and a relaxed and focused approach as well as knowledge and skill.

Insomnia is another problem related to stress. Hypnotherapy can help you to develop better sleep patterns, and deal with the undelying tensions.

Christine will then help you to find and deal with any repressed emotions, triggers and responses from the past that are out-of-date. These are like programming, which loops around once triggered to cause you anxiety and feelings of panic, often without you knowing why. Hypnotherapy will enable you to enjoy a much more positive life with a better outlook on everything.


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